About Us

Arber Tech offers a wide range of services within the blockchain, crypto, and Web3 space. Our services include technology and strategic advisory, product ideation, community growth, and business development.

Who is this for?

We are building an amazing community for like-minded builders in the Web3 Space. The future is being built on Web3 and we want to help as many people as we can not to trade, speculate, and remain only as passive crypto investors, but to actually build new and exciting projects in Web 3.0

Who is Hernan Arber?

Hernan Arber is a Creative Builder, Technical Team Leader, and Web3 Consultant specializing in blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, and Layer-one technologies. Involved in the Crypto & Blockchain space since 2016.


What our clients and partners are saying

Brian Aznar - Web3 Technology Leader

“Hernan is a very passionate blockchain and mobile technologist. He cares deeply for his team and works tirelessly for their success.”

Nora Wessel - International Strategy @ Peacock

“Hernan is a very dedicated, engaging engineer. He has been a great part of Thinkful’s mentor network, acting as a leader and teacher to the next generation of engineers. He has gone above and beyond in all of his interactions with the company.”

Eytan David - VP R&D @ Playform

“Hernan brings to the table ingenuity, great analytical skills, development, and leadership abilities. But I believe the term to really describe Hernan would be “creativity”. This is where he really shines, with brilliant ideas to make the product better, smarter, more fun, and the ability to quickly implement these changes.”